300-Hour Advanced Modular Teacher Training
Module 3: December 1st – 6th
£1,500 per module


Jason has been a leader in online education and in-person teacher-trainings for more than a decade. Now, he’s bringing them together to create the most efficient and effective combination for students that crave in-person practices with at-home study. This training seamlessly blends exceptional in-person practice with the highest standards of online education.

Course Content

All of your Asana, Meditation, and Pranayama practices will be done in-person at Mission. Additionally, some teaching methodology components that benefit from seeing and understanding bodies, such as manual adjustments and injury management, will be done in-person at Mission.


All of your Teaching Methodology and Philosophy will be done online from the convenience of your home. This means that you’ll study anatomy, sequencing, cueing, components of injury management, philosophy and more through professionally filmed online videos.


Each Module is 100-hrs. 40 hours are In-Person and 60 hours are Online.

Learning Outcomes


  • How to work with dysfunction, imbalance, and pain in the shoulders.
  • How to practice and teach experienced-level arm-balances and inversions.
  • How to keep the neck integrated and safe in every posture, including advanced postures.
  • How to use the shoulders safely and effectively in every category of posture.
  • How to streamline your teaching, develop greater student retention, and standout by creating a curriculum.
  • How modern neuroscience and classical Buddhist teachings relate to the Yoga Tradition—and, how these tools can help modern students. 

Your Teacher

Jason Crandell
Jason has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years, teaching everywhere from local studios around the  globe to providing trainings at the world’s most prestigious yoga conferences and events.

More importantly for this particular training, Jason has been a pioneer in online teaching and training for nearly a decade and he has learned to incorporate best practices for online learning from online educational specialists.

Jason has not rushed from behind to get his trainings online like so many others — he’s been honing this process for years.

Over the decades, he has continued to refine and improve the way he trains, guides, and supports teachers in his advanced trainings.He prioritises critical thinking skills, the integration of modern sports science with ancient understanding in asana technique, and creating a lasting community of peers.

In addition to teaching layers and layers of sequencing, Jason focuses on helping teachers develop compelling and comprehensive curriculums for their students. His Bachelor’s in Philosophy and years of studying yoga philosophy helps him communicate the essence of the yoga tradition in a clear, honest, and accessible way.

Most importantly, he has worked to ensure that his students are seen, supported, and educated in a comprehensive way — helping them develop a career as a teacher and make a positive impact on their students.


This hybrid course is perfect for:

  • Yoga teachers and students seeking an expert-level education.
  • Yoga teachers interested in experiencing the best combination of in-person and online learning.
  • Yoga teachers looking to uncover a teaching path that is true to you.
  • Students of every lineage who want more depth, skill and inspiration in their practice.


Module 3:
The IN-PERSON component of Module 3 is December 1st to 6th, 2023, from 9am to 5pm. You will receive access to Module 3’s ONLINE content, two months before. Although you will have access to the online materials for six months, it is strongly recommended that you complete these materials before we get together for Module 3 on December 1st.