Neuro-biomechanics for Yoga
23rd, 24th + 25th October
£500 (£470 early bird if booked before 15th September)

This anatomy course is different in that it’s an opportunity to learn current, evidence-based, practical information, in a fun and engaging way.

Course Content

Have you ever wondered why some people’s injuries don’t heal? Or why some people improve rapidly, while others get stuck on a plateau?

Fascinating discoveries around the science of physical performance and rehabilitation have revealed that the key to understanding the human body is to understand the brain. This course teases out some of the most applicable neuro-biomechanical strategies that can transform people’s practice and the challenges holding them back.

This three day course is a deep dive of neuro-anatomy, along with the practical application of this information on and off the mat. Expect to leave with your mind blown and a tool kit FULL of tools that can wildly shift the needle for your clients.




Learning Outcomes

We will cover:

  • applied neuro-anatomy
  • critical thinking
  • history taking
  • neuroscience of pain and injuries
  • reflexive postural control
  • reflexive stabilisation
  • sequencing with neuromechanical principles

Teaching Team

Celest Pereira
Celest is a a trained physiotherapist and neurology student I believe education is the best motivation! She teaches anatomy and biomechanics to yoga teachers and prides herself on making hard concepts easy. She also teaches yoga-inspired movement and my classes are challenging and full of education.


Eligibility + Pre-Requisites

This immersion is perfect for yoga teacher who already has an anatomical foundation and is keen to take their knowledge to the next level.

Applicants must be either taking, about to take, or have successfully completed a Yoga Teacher Training Diploma to teach students to beginners/level 1 standard.