Complete Functional Flow for Modern Practitioners:
A six-day immersion
1st – 6th December
9am – 12pm

Course Content

This six-day practice intensive has everything to inspire, invigorate and renew your practice. Whether you’re a long-term teacher, a dedicated practitioner, or a new enthusiast, this immersion will provide you with critical technique, insight, and depth that will inform your practice for years to come.


Each day will include approximately two hours of vinyasa yoga, 30 minutes of relaxation and breathing practices, and 30 minutes of Jason’s accessible discussions about modern postural techniques and functional anatomy.


While each practice will be balanced and comprehensive, the first two days will be dedicated to developing greater strength, mobility and flexibility in your hips. Days three and four are dedicated to doing the same for your spine and core. Days five and six are dedicated to strength, mobility, and flexibility in your shoulders.


This immersion is the big one–and, you’re going to love it.


This six-day intensive will run each day from 9am – 12pm.

Learning Outcomes

Days 1 & 2: Building balanced strength, mobility and flexibility in your hips

Highlights include:

-Balanced sequences that address the entire circumference of your hips, creating more mobility, stability and comfort.

-A deeper understanding of the practical, functional anatomy of your hips.

-Development postures that range from lotus to splits (and nearly everything in between). P.S. please don’t be intimidated, there’s something for everyone.

-Developing greater active range of motion in your hips.

-Developing greater range in your hips for forward bends, backbends and sidebends.


Days 3 & 4: Building balanced strength, mobility and flexibility in your spine and core

Highlights include:

-Developing strength in the full circumference of your core–from your anterior abdominals to your posterior spinal muscles.

-Greater comfort, depth, and integrity in your spine and core in backbends, twists, forward bends, and sidebends.

-Appreciating a broad-range of core & spinal strengtheners that improve long-term posture and help prevent injuries.

-Learning a comprehensive, balanced approach to mobilizing and strengthening your center.


Days 5 & 6: Building balanced strength, mobility and flexibility in your shoulders

Highlights include:

-Balanced sequences that address your shoulders and create greater strength, stability and mobility.

-A deeper understanding of practical, functional anatomy of your shoulders.

-Improved techniques in inversions such as handstand, forearm balance and headstand.

-Improved comfort and range of motion in your shoulders while backbending.

-Improved technique, strength and efficiency in every arm-balancing category.

Your Teacher

Jason Crandell
Jason has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years, teaching everywhere from local studios around the  globe to providing trainings at the world’s most prestigious yoga conferences and events.


More importantly for this particular training, Jason has been a pioneer in online teaching and training for nearly a decade and he has learned to incorporate best practices for online learning from online educational specialists.


Jason has not rushed from behind to get his trainings online like so many others — he’s been honing this process for years.


Over the decades, he has continued to refine and improve the way he trains, guides, and supports teachers in his advanced trainings.He prioritises critical thinking skills, the integration of modern sports science with ancient understanding in asana technique, and creating a lasting community of peers.


In addition to teaching layers and layers of sequencing, Jason focuses on helping teachers develop compelling and comprehensive curriculums for their students. His Bachelor’s in Philosophy and years of studying yoga philosophy helps him communicate the essence of the yoga tradition in a clear, honest, and accessible way.


Most importantly, he has worked to ensure that his students are seen, supported, and educated in a comprehensive way — helping them develop a career as a teacher and make a positive impact on their students.