Moving From Your Center: A Complete Practice Immersion For Teachers and Committed Practitioners
13th – 18th October
9am – 12pm

Course Content

Join Jason for a rare, in-person weeklong practice intensive!


For 6 days, you’ll immerse yourself into a comprehensive, methodical series of morning practices. Each practice focuses on connecting to your core and includes a full-spectrum sequence that spans vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, restoratives and yoga nidra. You’ll experience Jason’s newest teaching insights, while dedicating your time to inspiring, deepening, and savoring your practice.


While this immersion will certainly give you new teaching perspectives and connect you to an in-room community of yogis, the focus is dedicated much more to your practice than to your teaching.


This 6-day immersion will run each day from 9am – 12pm.

Learning Outcomes

Day 1: Moving From Your Core

A big, comprehensive, all-around practice that focuses on your core and lays out the content that we’ll refine throughout the rest of our immersion.

Highlights include:

-A balanced, comprehensive flow that illuminates the role of the core in every postural category, from Standing Poses and Arm Balances, to Backbends and Twists.

-Two different approaches to the Bandhas in Pranayama.

-Two fundamental restoratives for releasing tension and relaxing your core.


Day 2: Stabilizing Your Center & Mobilizing Your Hips

A focused flow that creates stability through your central axis and mobility throughout the full-circumference of your hips.

Highlights include:

-A balanced approach to creating greater strength and mobility in the full circumference of your hips—including inventive approaches to Splits, Lotus and Inversion variations.

-Learn to keep your spine and core centered, contained, and aligned while increasing the mobility of your hips.

-Simple breath-retention pranayama and mindfulness meditation.

-Deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.


Day 3: Integrating Your Center with Your Shoulders

A focused flow that emphasizes the connection between the Latissimus Dorsi and backside of Your Core—bringing stability and connection to your upper-body, spine and midsection.
Highlights include:

-A Balanced approach to creating greater strength and mobility in your shoulder girdle—and, connecting these qualities to the functionality of your core.

-Develop a deeper appreciation for the role your Latissimus Dorsi plays keeping your posterior-core strong and stable.

-Revisit the fundamentals of your shoulders in Handstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand, and Shoulderstand.

-Continue releasing tension in your center with pranayama, meditation, and Nidra.


Day 4: Your Center in Arm Balances and Inversions

A focused flow that coordinates the actions of your core, shoulders, and hips in every arm-balance and inversion category.

Highlights include:

-Practicing arm balances and inversions with skillful, methodical techniques that coordinate the action of the core, shoulders, and hips.

-Continuing to refine the work of the shoulders and core in Handstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand, and Shoulderstand.

-20 minutes of silent, seated meditation followed by 10 minutes of silent Savasana.


Day 5: Your Center in Backbending

A focused flow that emphasizes the role of your posterior core in backbending.

Highlights include:

-Create greater strength and functionality in your posterior-core, posterior shoulders and posterior hips—increasing the quality, comfort and depth of your backbends.

-Explore key backbends including one-legged versions of Bridge, Upward Bow, and inverted Staff, as well as the entire King Pigeon postural family.

-Centering pranayama that includes Vilomma Breathing

-Soothing Yoga Nidra and guided meditation.


Day 6: Your Center in Sidebending, Twisting and Foreword Bending

A Focused flow that teaches you to create greater depth and integrity by using your core in sidebands, twists, and forward bends.

Highlights include:

-Support a wide-range of sidebends, twists, and forward bends with your center—creating more comfort, depth, and integrity in each of these postural categories.

-Revisit the highlights of the entire practice immersion and integrate what you’ve experienced through the week.

-A 30-minute, deeply grounding restorative phase of practice that will soothe your body and quiet your mind.

Your Teacher

Jason Crandell
Jason has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years, teaching everywhere from local studios around the  globe to providing trainings at the world’s most prestigious yoga conferences and events.

More importantly for this particular training, Jason has been a pioneer in online teaching and training for nearly a decade and he has learned to incorporate best practices for online learning from online educational specialists.

Jason has not rushed from behind to get his trainings online like so many others — he’s been honing this process for years.

Over the decades, he has continued to refine and improve the way he trains, guides, and supports teachers in his advanced trainings.He prioritises critical thinking skills, the integration of modern sports science with ancient understanding in asana technique, and creating a lasting community of peers.

In addition to teaching layers and layers of sequencing, Jason focuses on helping teachers develop compelling and comprehensive curriculums for their students. His Bachelor’s in Philosophy and years of studying yoga philosophy helps him communicate the essence of the yoga tradition in a clear, honest, and accessible way.

Most importantly, he has worked to ensure that his students are seen, supported, and educated in a comprehensive way — helping them develop a career as a teacher and make a positive impact on their students.


While the immersive is for teachers and committed practitioners, do not be intimidated or worry about your physical ability. Everyone will have the opportunity to work to their edge, but options are always given for those that need them—and, your boundaries and physical wellbeing are always respected.