I have completed the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A sequences and I am in the process of unravelling Advanced B. I received level II authorisation to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method by Sharath Jois in Mysore India in 2014. Since then, much has changed in the world, within me, and within the ashtanga yoga community. I am committed to deconstructing harmful power dynamics and breaking away from hierarchical systems of power. Whilst I am mindful of respecting and honouring the lineage of ashtanga yoga and the so called ‘correct method’ I am not endorsed by anyone’s ‘list’, and neither do I represent anyone who has a ‘list’.  I stand for the integrity of the teachings rather than a particular teacher.

My teaching approach is inclusive and evolutionary, focused on the individual. I am intrigued by the connections between the physical/psychological/emotional body and yoga as somatic therapy. If a yoga practice is to be illuminating and transformative, it requires discipline and a container. As we knock up against the container we see our habitual psycho-emotional responses and with daily practise we can work with them to become more conscious and intentional. When we know, understand, and accept the different parts of ourselves we can do the same for others.

As a facilitator of this practice, I walk the line between maintaining the container whilst being mindful to look for the unique entry point for each individual. Accessibility and healthy movement patterns are important if we wish to cultivate a practice that can sustain us through the different life stages. Ashtanga Yoga is a self-practice, taught one to one in a group setting, in a quiet space. The quietness of the practice encourages personal connection and reverence to the mysterious and the unknown, through the ordinariness of everyday.


Moon Days 2023


Friday 15th ● new moon
Friday 29th ○ full moon



Saturday 14th ● new moon
Saturday 28th ○ full moon



Monday 13th ● new moon
Monday 27th ○ full moon



Tuesday 12th ● new moon
Wednesday 27th ○ full moon