To offer first-class, transformative teacher trainings


Mission-accredited trainings are the gold standard when it comes to yoga and movement. Our priority as a leading school is to closely oversee our trainings to ensure the most meaningful and safe education experience. We have made a conscious decision to support any teacher who wants to move away from the grip of far away accrediting bodies who in our opinion cannot set and ensure standards the way those on the ground do. The truth of the matter is, our standards exceed those of any accrediting body.

Our trainings are for anyone. Perhaps you want to learn more about a particular subject within yoga and movement for your own personal benefit. Or, you are thinking of becoming a teacher. Maybe you’re a teacher already and are ready to start layering on additional knowledge. At Mission, we know the learning never stops and so offer trainings with the world’s best, offering trainings in Vinyasa, Restorative, Anatomy & Physiology, Rocket, Yoga for Cancer, Inversions, Yin and more.

5-day RocketBeats Teacher Training

with Imi Wiseman and Alan Ellman

SOLD OUTPlease email to join waiting list


6 – 10 April 2023


RocketBeats challenges traditional approaches to physical and non-physical yoga, exploring how yoga can stay relevant in the modern world, without taking it —  or ourselves — too seriously.


Over time, Imi and Alan have developed a 4-directional system of movement to take practitioners away from their natural tendencies to a point of greater physical and mental equilibrium.


Working in all directions of movement, this training will examine a range of asanas and different sequencing patterns, so that you have everything you need to develop your own practice and learn how to teach your own RocketBeats sequences and classes.


Master Your Anatomy LIVE Teacher Training

with Celest Pereira

14th, 15th + 16th April
£450 (£430 early bird if booked before 25th March)


This immersion is perfect for yoga teachers who feel they need to level up their anatomical knowledge to help support their students in a more effective way.


The course is specifically designed to help adult learners take in and retain the information, making it immediately applicable to your classes and clients.


This course is taught in a supportive environment where there is no wrong question. Whilst the content is deep and the weekend will feel intense, the course is designed to be practical, fun and engaging.


Course Content topics:

  • Pain neuroscience
  • The visual and vestibular system’s anatomy; tools to assess and manage these systems
  • The brain’s fuel consumption and how this impacts our practice, performance and pain
  • Tools beyond just utilising the breath that shift sympathetic tone
  • How use critical thinking to assess a student’s needs and adapt the practice accordingly
  • Applied anatomy, biomechanics and neuromechanics
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Sequencing and cueing with neuro-biomechanical foundations

Precision + Grace: 200-hour Teacher Training

with Bridget Woods Kramer

27th April – 3rd December
£3300 (£3100 early bird if booked before 20th March)


Embody and teach yoga with skill and creativity. Bridget offers an inspirational, educational programme that will enable you to find your unique voice as a teacher.


The perfect training for anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher, or to simply become a more informed student.

Ashtanga: A 20-Hour Immersion

with Corrie Ananda Preece

2nd – 4th June
£395 (£355 early bird if booked before 1st May)


This Ashtanga immersion is for teachers looking for a broad perspective that includes but is not limited to the traditional one, as well as practitioners wishing to deepen their practice with a view to sharing it with others.

MergRat Inversions Teacher Training Level 1

with Nicki Ratcliffe and Emily Mergaert

9th – 11th June
£545 (£495 early bird if booked before 1st April)


The MergRat method was developed by Nicki and Emily, two yoginis who love to spend a lot of time on their hands. Carefully curated and informed by different disciplines, this training will advance your inversion practice with skill and awareness.

Rocket and Yin 7-Day Teacher Training

with Jamie Clarke and Amme Poulton

19th – 25th June
£1100 (£950 early bird if booked before 15th May)


This teacher training experience is brought to you by two teachers, directly mentored and trained by Rocket Yoga pioneer Larry Schultz and Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley, offering you direct transmission of authentic teachings of philosophy and practice.


Essentially this course will develop your yang practice, through the classic three practices of Rocket Yoga, supported by deep Yin Yoga experiences, allowing for new possibilities of energetic flow, flexibility and inner awareness.

300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

with Jason Crandell

7th July – 5th December
£4,500 (£1,500 per module if booked separately)
First 10 full training bookings will receive 10% discount and pay £4,050


Jason has been a leader in hybrid, online education and in-person, teacher-trainings for more than a decade. Now, he’s bringing them together to create the most efficient and effective combination for students that crave in-person practices with at-home study.


This is a Yoga Alliance accredited training, open to anyone — those with a 200 hour under their belt, and also those who are interested in learning more through individual modules.

Yin Foundations

with Jamie Clarke

15th – 17th July
£600 (£485 early bird if booked before 15th June)


This three-day, 25-hour foundational course begins a student or teacher’s journey correctly and thoroughly, and from a trusted lineage – that of Yin Yoga founders Paul and Suzee Grilley. Jamie Clarke has learned from, assisted and taught for the Grilleys since 2011.


This course provides a systematic foundation in learning how to practise and teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely, for all students no matter what their experience.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Level Two: Going Deeper with Anna Ashby

21st – 23rd July
£450 (£420 early bird if booked before 15th June)


This unique teacher training focuses on going deeper into the practice, art and teaching of Restorative Yoga and includes: immersive practice, how to set-up/adapt postures, self-enquiry, meditation practice, as well as lecture + dialogue. The training further explores ‘stress’ as the body’s response to being knocked out of homeostatic balance, and the ‘stress response’ as the body’s mechanism for returning back to equilibrium. Come discover how Restorative Yoga supports this fundamental process central to health + wellbeing.

Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training

with Vicky Fox

5th – 8th September


This 40-hour training will give you the tools to create a safe and healing environment to teach yoga and relaxation to anyone diagnosed with cancer or any long term health conditions. It is open to qualified or accredited teachers of yoga or therapists with a committed yoga practice.


4-Beat Immersion

with Marcus Veda

22nd – 24th September
£395 (£355 early bird if booked before 1st August)


This immersion will look at how syncing to a 4-beat can simplify and refine the flow. Then we break down the individual poses so there is a constant focus in your self practice. Moving towards the point you can be less reliant on your teacher to tell you what you’re looking for/trying to feel and more reliant upon yourself.


This is suitable for practitioners of at least a year (or teachers) stuck in a rut/plateauing/hitting yoga ennui phase.

Neuro-Biomechanics for Yoga

Anatomy Teacher Training with Celest Pereira

23rd – 25th October
£500 (£470 early bird if booked before 15th September)


This three-day course is a deep dive of neuro-anatomy, along with the practical application of this information on and off the mat.


Perfect for yoga and movement teachers who have a baseline understanding of anatomy and are ready to take on a sophisticated understanding to help their students.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Level One: Laying the Foundation with Anna Ashby

27th – 29th October + 24th – 26th November


This unique teacher training focuses on the practice, art and teaching of Restorative Yoga. It provides a solid foundation for being able to teach this unique style of yoga and includes: immersive practice, how to set-up/adapt postures, lecture + dialogue clarifying the purpose and nature of the practice, how to sequence and language instruction, and create sanctuary. The training explores basic stress physiology, it’s impact on health and how Restorative Yoga postures and environment support nervous system health.