To offer first-class, transformative teacher trainings


Mission-accredited trainings are the gold standard when it comes to yoga and movement. Our priority as a leading school is to closely oversee our trainings to ensure the most meaningful and safe education experience. We have made a conscious decision to support any teacher who wants to move away from the grip of far away accrediting bodies who in our opinion cannot set and ensure standards the way those on the ground do. The truth of the matter is, our standards exceed those of any accrediting body.

Our trainings are for anyone. Perhaps you want to learn more about a particular subject within yoga and movement for your own personal benefit. Or, you are thinking of becoming a teacher. Maybe you’re a teacher already and are ready to start layering on additional knowledge. At Mission, we know the learning never stops and so offer trainings with the world’s best, offering trainings in Vinyasa, Restorative, Anatomy & Physiology, Rocket, Yoga for Cancer, Inversions, Yin and more.

6-day RocketBeats Teacher Training

with Imi Wiseman and Alan Ellman

16 September – 8 October 2023
£325 per module if booked separately


RocketBeats challenges traditional approaches to physical and non-physical yoga, exploring how yoga can stay relevant in the modern world, without taking it – or ourselves – too seriously. In this six-day teacher training, spread over 3 weekend modules, Imi and Alan will take you through the foundations of the RocketBeats practice and teaching methodology


Over time, Imi and Alan have developed a 4-directional system of movement to take practitioners away from their natural tendencies to a point of greater physical and mental equilibrium.


Working in all directions of movement, this training will examine a range of asanas and different sequencing patterns, so that you have everything you need to develop your own practice and learn how to teach your own RocketBeats sequences and classes.


300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Modules 2 & 3 with Jason Crandell

Module 2: October 13th to 18th
Module 3: December 1st to 6th
£1,500 per module


Jason has been a leader in hybrid, online education and in-person, teacher-trainings for more than a decade. Now, he’s bringing them together to create the most efficient and effective combination for students that crave in-person practices with at-home study.


This is a Yoga Alliance accredited training, open to anyone — those with a 200 hour under their belt, and also those who are interested in learning more through individual modules.

Moving From Your Centre

Immersion For Teachers and Committed Practitioners with Jason Crandell

13th – 18th October


Join Jason for a rare, in-person weeklong practice intensive!


For 6 days, you’ll immerse yourself into a comprehensive, methodical series of morning practices. Each practice focuses on connecting to your core and includes a full-spectrum sequence that spans vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, restoratives and yoga nidra. You’ll experience Jason’s newest teaching insights, while dedicating your time to inspiring, deepening, and savoring your practice. While this immersion will certainly give you new teaching perspectives and connect you to an in-room community of yogis, the focus is dedicated much more to your practice than to your teaching.


While the immersive is for teachers and committed practitioners, do not be intimidated or worry about your physical ability. Everyone will have the opportunity to work to their edge, but options are always given for those that need them—and, your boundaries and physical wellbeing are always respected.

Neuro-Biomechanics for Yoga

Anatomy Teacher Training with Celest Pereira

23rd – 25th October


This three-day course, running 9am – 5pm each day, is a deep dive of neuro-anatomy, along with the practical application of this information on and off the mat.


Fascinating discoveries around the science of physical performance and rehabilitation have revealed that the key to understanding the human body is to understand the brain.


This course teases out some of the most applicable neuro-biomechanical strategies that can transform people’s practice and the challenges holding them back.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Level One: Laying the Foundation with Anna Ashby

27th – 29th October + 24th – 26th November


This unique teacher training focuses on the practice, art and teaching of Restorative Yoga. It provides a solid foundation for being able to teach this unique style of yoga and includes: immersive practice, how to set-up/adapt postures, lecture + dialogue clarifying the purpose and nature of the practice, how to sequence and language instruction, and create sanctuary. The training explores basic stress physiology, it’s impact on health and how Restorative Yoga postures and environment support nervous system health.

Reading Bodies Immersion

Sequencing, Observation + Assisting with Bridget Woods Kramer

3rd – 5th November


This 3 day workshop is open to both qualified yoga teachers and trainee teachers.


This is a wonderful opportunity to really examine how you observe and communicate as a teacher. Teaching yoga has transformed over the past 3 years with many teachers moving to teaching online over the pandemic and now returning to teach in studio.


This workshop will provide the space to come together in studio to learn how to creatively sequence your classes for a variety of bodies and abilities, read bodies to skilfully offer verbal assistance for both teaching online and in studio and how to safely offer hands on assists so that your students feel safe and supported allowing them to go deeper in their practice.

Breathe to Heal

3-day Immersion with Max Strom

8th – 10th December
£440 (£400 early bird if booked before 31st October)


This 15-hour training is divided over 3 days you’ll be presented with a balanced program of lecture, writing, breathing and movement.


The aim is for you to reconnect with yourself on a deep level, to reconcile with events in the past, to explore your direction in life and to learn techniques that will help you immediately to manage stress, anxiety and depression.


The added value to this in-person course is that besides the personal journey you’ll be on, experiencing this work as a group creates a supportive community. You are not alone.

Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training

with Vicky Fox

22nd – 25th January 2024


This 40-hour training will give you the tools to create a safe and healing environment to teach yoga and relaxation to anyone diagnosed with cancer or any long term health conditions. It is open to qualified or accredited teachers of yoga or therapists with a committed yoga practice.