Yin Foundations
15th – 17th July
£600 (£485 early bird if booked before 15th June)


This three-day, 25-hour foundational course specialises in beginning a student or a teacher’s Yin Yoga journey correctly and thoroughly, from a trusted lineage.

Course Content

Yin Foundations Overview

This three-day, 25-hour foundational course begins a student or teacher’s journey correctly and thoroughly, and from a trusted lineage  – that of Yin Yoga founders Paul and Suzee Grilley. Jamie Clarke has learned from, assisted and taught for the Grilleys since 2011.


This course provides a systematic foundation in learning how to practise and teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely, for all students no matter what their experience.


The Yin Yoga Approach

Yin Yoga is an in-depth, transformative practice that often attracts the more experienced Vinyasa Yoga teachers and students. Practitioners are drawn to Yin to develop their yoga experience beyond dynamic and formulaic approaches and to condition the body towards meaningful meditation.


Yin Yoga integrates musculoskeletal anatomy, meridian theory and experiential wisdom on the mental, emotional and physical layers of the body. Therefore the Yin discipline becomes a natural portal into a practitioner’s psychology and healing.


Yin’s approach is taught “functionally” whereby postures relate to specific target areas of the body within the varying experience of all students. Postures are held in stillness for periods of time, applying progressive tension to the connective tissue of the body, requiring awareness and skill to achieve its special benefits.

Learning Outcomes

Students will look at effective learning models for Yin’s structural anatomy, the principles of the practice, and teaching methodology. Students will learn Paul Grilley’s- 14-10-7 anatomy formula, the functional teaching process and a student’s guide to the experiential approach of the Yin practice.


Students will feel enriched and more skillful in their Yin Yoga practice. For those looking to teach, these students will feel more organised and knowledgeable in teaching an effective and safe class, with an authentic and recognised Yin lineage behind them.


Content Inclusion/Exclusions

  • Yin’s functional approach
  • Principles of the practice
  • The Yin anatomy system
  • Teaching/practice methodology and sequencing
  • Practical laws of tension and compression
  • Yin Yoga Sutras
  • Meditation posture analysis
  • Purpose, benefits and contraindications of Yin’s basic 20 postures


It does not include the applied anatomy (skeletal range of motion comparisons) and practical anatomy demonstrations. These are looked at in the Advanced Yin offerings (Chakras, Elements & Applied for Vinyasa) courses.

Teaching Team

Jamie Clarke

Jamie has been teaching Yoga for more than twenty years. He is inspired by yoga as a means of mind and body integration, as well as psycho-emotional and spiritual transformation. His intention is to seek the deepest truth within himself and to support others in their search.


He has been mentored by several of western Yoga’s most renowned pioneers and masters in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Tripsichore, Yin Yoga & Applied Anatomy. He currently focuses his teaching on Yin Yoga and Chakra Meditation and has developed a method and orientation of the Yin practice, which activates and harmonises an individual’s inherent elemental constitution. This strengthens or supplements the elements and their related chakras that are out of balance, bringing awareness and healing to all layers of the Self.


His teaching approach combines yin and yang, east and west. In this way, his appreciation of eastern philosophies of Tantra, Buddhism, Daoism and the cultural practices of Shamanism, come together with the observations and thinking of the great depth psychologists of the west. The result is a yoga and meditation philosophy and practice combined with transpersonal psychology, context and process.



Yin is for all ages and experience levels, yet requires careful and systematic knowledge and guidance, to ensure effectiveness and safety.


For students, this course offers an introduction to a deeper physical experience; practitioners can use Yin to support physical recovery and healing, as well as their inner inquiry of meditation and psychotherapy.


For teachers, this course offers a deeper option for their teaching; which translates to transformative group experiences, trainings & retreats and private 1-2-1 therapeutic applications.