4-Beat 50hr Teacher Training
26th February – 2nd March 2024
£795 (£755 early bird if booked before 1st January)


A six-day training into 4-Beat: a dynamic vinyasa flow born out of the Rocket Yoga system. The core of the practice is the alignment of the breath to the slow, regular beat of the music.

Course Content

Join 4-Beat creator Marcus Veda for this six-day, 50-hour teacher training. Born out of the Rocket Yoga system, 4-Beat is a dynamic vinyasa flow style that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular styles of yoga in London. The core of the practice is the alignment of the breath to the slow, regular beat of the music.


You will take a deep dive into the psychology of music and its use to enhance the yoga practice (and your teaching). You will look at music’s effect on mood, focus and moving meditation, and how you can control these elements by using the beat to teach (or practice.)


You’ll discover exactly how the the energetic arc of the practice is designed to take you up to a higher place and then bring you back down to one calmer than when you started.


We will cover the two main sequences from the perspective of the practitioner and the teacher:
1. hips focus (flexion🧊)
2. backarches (extension🔥)


Inversions and arm balances feature throughout in order to maintain the energetic lift and playful spirt. But the teaching of the breath always comes before the difficulty of the pose.


It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher or not. This training is for people who might have completed a 200-hour training of any style of yoga, or for any experienced practitioner who wants to go deeper into the connection of the beat and the breath.

Learning Outcomes

On this 50hr TT you will learn:

  • The philosophy of 4-Beat methodology, sequencing and origins.
  • The psychology of music and its effect on meditation, flow state, concentration, the nervous system, stamina and performance.
  • How to incorporate teaching to the beat into any other sequence/style of yoga you teach.
  • How to improve your own understanding and experience of the key poses from the basic to the difficult, and through active manual assisting.
  • How to make the sequences work for beginners as well as frequent flyers.
  • How to cater a class to injuries, all abilities, ages and levels of experience.
  • How to take the class “up” or “down” without changing the sequence.
  • How to work inversions, hand balances and trickier transitions into your own practice, and how to teach them to your students.

Teaching Team

Marcus Veda

Marcus, the founder of 4-Beat, teaches one of London’s biggest and most popular yoga class at Mission. The co-founder of Good Life Yoga School, and author of “Greed, Sex, Intention: Living Life Like a Yoga in the 21st Century,” Marcus’ former life as a DJ and current life as a family man helped inform the creation of 4-Beat, a unique and transformative practice that brings all senses into one-pointed focus.


Marcus co-teaches this training with his long-timer collaborator Hannah Whittingham, as well as with Emily Mergaert, and assisted by Nino Russo.