Classes taught by London’s finest


No studio in the UK is as selective about its teachers as Mission is. We have built a faculty of movement teachers with unparalleled skills and a boundless passion for what they do. They have spent years honing their skills, and are dedicated students themselves who understand the learning never ends. You’ll find them hanging out at Mission whether they are teaching or taking a class. Their expertise varies from the discipline of calisthenics to free flowing yoga taught to a metronomic beat. Our faculty are experts in the sweet science of boxing, the stillness of restorative yoga, and teaching yoga to people with cancer. On the Mission faculty, you’ll find psychotherapists, academics, osteopaths, a death doula and a Native American ceremony leader to name a few.  The depth and range of Mission simply won’t be found anywhere else.

Our teachers

Alan Ellman

Amme Poulton

Anna Jimenez

Aram Raffy

Baris Yazar

Claudia Dossena

Elle Daniel

Emily Mergaert

Helen Russell-Clark

Imi Wiseman

Jan Wright

Jermaine Straker

Jonny Caguioa

Laura McVicker

Lucy Joslin

Marcus Veda

Marion Pearce

Mona Godfrey

Nicki Ratcliffe

Sammy Dinneen

Shaya Ghadimi

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Sobhan Madadi

Stewart Gilchrist

Terry Smith

Zephyr Wildman