Vicky Fox

Yoga + Yoga for Cancer


A slow, gentle but deceptively strong yoga practice. An alignment based class working through themes, exploring opening the body, releasing tension and building strength. Come with a beginners mind and an open heart.


All levels welcome.

Yoga for Cancer

Addressing any of the side effects of treatment for cancer this class provides a safe, supportive and compassionate community for anyone impacted by cancer.


Suitable for anyone with a portacath, picc line or stoma the class will cover side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, lymphoedema, peripheral neuropathy, menopause, bone strength and digestive discomfort. Whilst creating a safe environment to learn some tools that help to create a sense of taking back control, releasing scar tissue, building back muscle strength, stimulating lymphatic system and helping the body restore, rest and digest.


You will need to be able to move independently and feel that your needs can be met in a group situation.


Please contact Vicky directly if you have any concerns about attending the class.


Anyone diagnosed with cancer or supporting someone with cancer. No experience of yoga necessary.


  • 2008 qualified with Yoga Alliance 200 hours teacher
  • 2009 Yoga for Pregnancy – Yoga Campus
  • 2010 Anatomy Dr Ruth Gilmore and Paul Fox
  • 2011 Teaching Yoga to Children
  • 2011 Yoga Therapy – Aadil Palkvivala
  • 2011/12/13/15/19 Yoga Therapy – Doug Keller
  • 2013 Yoga for Cancer (150 hrs) Laura Kupperman
  • 2013/15 Working with Injuries – Julie Gudmestad
  • 2020 Yoga for Osteoporosis – yogacampus
  • 2021 Yoga For Improved immune function
  • 2021 Pelvic Floor Training – Leslie Howard
  • Author; Yoga for Cancer, A-Z of C
  • Trainer; 40 Yoga for Cancer Training