Opening doors to something deeper


A Mission workshop taught by Mission teachers gives students a chance to unpack a particular skill, technique or posture, and linger a bit longer than you would in a regular class. A workshop is a chance to explore and to ask questions. They are generally taught on a Friday night or at the weekend, giving students more time to sink in, reflect and learn.

Yoga for BackCare: How to Build a Strong & Healthy Low Back
with Anji Gopal

Saturday 10th June: 2-4pm


Join Anji Gopal, backcare expert & Osteopath, to experience a powerful Yoga for BackCare practice. We will discuss why the low back can be painful, learn some simple practices that you can incorporate in your daily routine & explore how a Yoga for BackCare practice can help you build a strong and flexible back.


This workshop serves as an introduction to Yoga for BackCare. You will explore the low back and looks are why yours might give you aches and pain and learn some powerful, yet simple, techniques to relieve low back pain, especially if you spend a lot of time sittin.


This workshop is open to anyone with Low Back Pain – beginners and non-yogis welcome. Anji works in the NHS, in clinics & studios – her methods are tried & tested to make your back feel better. Safe & gentle yet powerful.


Please contact Anji (anji@backcarefoundation.com) if you have any questions prior to booking. Note that this is a group workshop and will not be possible to give individual clinical advice.

Happy Hips & Handbalances
with Bridget Woods Kramer

Saturday 17th June: 10am-12pm


Please join Bridget Woods Kramer for a playful hip opening and hand balancing class,intelligent sequencing is crucial for successful hand balances Bridget will focusing on building both upper body & core strength and flexibility of the hips, lower back & hamstrings. In this playful practice Bridget will weave in a little storytelling & finish with pranayama.


Bridget Woods Kramer began her yoga practices in India in 1975 and embarked on an intense program of study to become a senior teacher. Interweaving her visionary background within the fitness industry together with her love of meditation and yoga asana Bridget teaches with enthusiasm, sensitivity and insight, conveying yogas potential to support us in living and serving with love.


You’ll enjoy an inspirational and dynamic, yet playful class with a mix of flow and strong alignment principles, entwined with yoga philosophy.


This workshop is suitable for anyone. Variations will be offered for all abilities where necessary.

Demystifying Pranayama: The Science of Breathwork
with Marcus Veda and Rukmini Roy

Saturday 17th June: 2-4pm


Pranayama, an essential aspect of yoga, has been used for centuries to promote health, happiness, and spiritual growth. According to ancient scriptures, the breath, body, and mind are closely interconnected – a claim that science is backing up with accumulating research today.


Through exploration of breath mechanics, biochemistry and the nervous system, this workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of how breathing can profoundly influence how you move, feel, and think.


We will dive into the neuroscience of traditional pranayama techniques, including nadi shodhana, ujjayi, bhramari, kapalbhati; and discuss some interesting studies that have been conducted in the field. The session will end with a 30-minute pranayama practice for you to experience first-hand the effects that you have learnt about.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand basic biomechanics and biochemistry of respiration

2. Learn how breathing regulates the nervous system

3. Learn the science behind traditional pranayama techniques


This workshop is suitable for anyone.

Functional Flow For Modern Yoga Practitioners
Update and Reinspire Your Practice with Jason Crandell

Saturday 8th July: 10.30am-1pm & 2.30-5pm
Sunday 9th July: 10.30am-1pm & 2.30-5pm
£50 each or £180 for full weekend


These 4 workshops represent Jason’s ongoing development, evolution and insight as a teacher—all ensuring you that you’re choosing postures and techniques that will help your body function optimally.


Saturday 8th July
10.30am – 1pm: Whole Body Strength and Mobility

2.30 – 5pm: The Classics, Updated


Sunday 9th July
10.30am – 1pm: Functional Hip Flow

2.30 – 5pm: Active Recovery and Mindfulness For Wellbeing

Yogaland Live!
A Live Podcast with Andrea and Jason, including Interactive Q+A

Friday 14th July: 6-8pm
Free Event




Join your favorite Podcast host, Andrea Ferretti, and Jason for a live recording of their podcast with more than 6 million downloads, Yogaland.


We’ll focus on the ways our Yoga practice has changed and ask the essential question: are we still practicing “Yoga” or has our practice evolved into something entirely different? You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and spend some quality time with your favorite yoga podcast hosts. We’d love for you to join us.

4-Beat to Yin Sound Sessions
Emily Mergaert & Pablo

Saturday 15th July: 2-4pm


Welcome to this unique fusion where 4-beat rocket meets yin yoga – a journey that combines dynamic energy with profound stillness. Engulfed in a dreamlike sound journey, this transformative practise takes you on a voyage of strength, flexibility and deep relaxation.


During this yang to yin experience, we will embark on a journey that balances effort and ease. The session will begin with a powerful 4-beat rocket practise led Emily, marrying breath to the beat to enhance and challenge your asana practise. Emily will then move you into yin, giving students a deeper experience and introspection, with Pablo joining on sound. The session will include a transcendent gong meditation with multiple instruments creating a sensory meditative experience. Take a trip with us, see you there.

The Inner Landscape of Being: Unify
Restorative Workshop with Anna Ashby

Friday 4th August: 6-8pm


The primary intent of Restorative practice focuses on down-regulating the nervous system – shifting out of the stress response into a calmer and more peaceful state. While a necessary and important endeavour, the essence of Restorative can be seen as more than that – a means to realise the intent of yoga practice – to know one’s self at the deepest level.


Restorative practice involves slowing down and becoming still – still enough to notice what’s going on at the different levels of embodiment. These monthly workshops focus on a key aspect of Restorative practice that spotlights inner experience and sharpens the capacity to notice subtlety.


The body may seem to be a separateness – a disparate collection of parts and activities. Yet when diving deep into the felt-sense of embodiment, something extraordinary a happens – an alchemy. The body becomes a wholeness – a unified entity – that exists in perfect harmony both from within and without. This workshop spotlights the inner landscape of being as a unified whole.


This workshop is suitable for everyone.

Unravelling the Knots that Bind Us
with Zephyr Wildman

Saturday 5th August: 2-4pm


Take your practice deeper by exploring Yogic philosophy with Zephyr in this workshop exploring the Granthis. The Granthis are best described as “knots” binding together the physical, energetic and mental aspects of our embodiment. These knots inhibit a healthy pranic flow of intelligence and function of these centres of embodiment. In Yoga practice, we work to experience the undigested information that gets stuck in these layers, discovering what causes the knots and how to unravel them in order to clear space to expand beyond the knot’s limitations.


There are three Granthis that cover six of our seven commonly known Chakras. Each of these Granthis are said to be the embodiment of three Hindu God-Heads:

  • Brahma: The Creator,
  • Vishnu: The Sustainer, and
  • Rudra: The Roarer/Destroyer.


Using the philosophical meaning of these three Hindu God-Heads and their three Goddess Consorts, we will unravel the complexity of why we get knotted up in certain areas. The use of Yogic techniques will assist you in untying, opening and creating a free-flowing current towards seeking the clarity of direct expansive consciousness.


This workshop is suitable for everyone and includes, a lecture diving deeper into the concepts mentioned as well as a Tantric practice weaving breath-centric asana, pranayama, kriya, mudras, mantras, chakras and meditation. Join Zephyr in unravelling the knots and open the pathway to the expanded state of loving awareness.

Supporting Those Impacted by Cancer
with Vicky Fox

Friday 10th November: 9am-5pm
£95 IRL & Online


This day-long course is open to all yoga and movement bodywork teachers and will look at how you can support those impacted by cancer in your classes. As more people live longer with cancer and the side effects of cancer than ever before, the support offered is sometimes poor and even non-existent.


This CPD course will specifically focus on the common side effects of treatment for cancer and how to support students with side effects such as fatigue, nausea, muscle loss, bone loss, peripheral neuropathy and lymphoedema.


We will look at an overview of cancer, types of cancer, cancer diagnosis and treatment, including practicing yoga with picc lines, portacath or a stoma. We will also look at:

  • Key side effects and how yoga can help.
  • Creating a safe environment.
  • How to build back strength slowly and safely after periods of inactivity. Especially where there is a risk of osteoporosis or Lymphoedema.
  • Modifying practices, creating dynamic movements to open armpits and groins, how this can help movement of blood, lymph and nerve impulses.
  • How to fully support your students in a compassionate environment.
Yintrospective: Looking in to Stillness
with Marcus Veda

Saturday 25th November: 2-4pm


A 2 hour Yin reclination sound journey.


Yin is the passive, mindful meditation in stillness where any movement is a distraction. With no disturbance on the surface of the water, we can see more clearly what lies beneath. It also enables the calming of the autonomic nervous system as you move into a parasympathetic state: rest, digest and healing. You might need it more than you know.


This workshop is open to everybody. Marcus will lead you through a two hour Yin practice, giving you a chance to go deeper for longer, alongside a specially curated soundtrack that will enhance the meditative and calming effects of a Yin practice. You’ll float away calmer, more relaxed, and less stressed — a more focused version of the person who walked in.

3 Karmas for Skilful Action
with Zephyr Wildman

Saturday 9th December: 2-4pm


Action in Sanskrit is Karma. Karma carries the notion the fruit of your actions comes back to you, you can’t escape the consequence of your actions. There is always a cause and effect, for every action has a reaction, for every choice has a consequence. The cause behind your current situation is said to be your past Karma. This way of practice is seeing that life is not just happening to you, it is happening for you. That you’re a sum total of all your choices and actions. That your current life is a continuation of the past.


Yoga becomes a creative, dynamic activity that you can refine the physical, energetic and mental bodies and gain the ability to spontaneously manoeuvre without hesitation to take make things happen. We discover, in this practice, that to accomplish one’s intentions there has to be effort, practice and exertion, empowered by loving-awareness which is said to be our true nature.


This workshop is open to everybody and includes Vinyasa Practice, Lecture & Discusssion, Pranayama Kriyas, Mudras and Meditation.