To offer first-class, transformative teacher trainings


Mission-accredited trainings are the gold standard when it comes to yoga and movement. Our priority as a leading school is to closely oversee our trainings to ensure the most meaningful and safe education experience. We have made a conscious decision to support any teacher who wants to move away from the grip of far away accrediting bodies who in our opinion cannot set and ensure standards the way those on the ground do. The truth of the matter is, our standards exceed those of any accrediting body.

Our trainings are for anyone. Perhaps you want to learn more about a particular subject within yoga and movement for your own personal benefit. Or, you are thinking of becoming a teacher. Maybe you’re a teacher already and are ready to start layering on additional knowledge. At Mission, we know the learning never stops and so offer trainings with the world’s best, offering trainings in Vinyasa, Restorative, Anatomy & Physiology, Rocket, Yoga for Cancer, Inversions, Yin and more.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Level Two: Going Deeper with Anna Ashby

10th – 12th May


This unique teacher training focuses on going deeper into the practice, art and teaching of Restorative Yoga and includes: immersive practice, how to set-up/adapt postures, self-enquiry, meditation practice, as well as lecture + dialogue. The training further explores ‘stress’ as the body’s response to being knocked out of homeostatic balance, and the ‘stress response’ as the body’s mechanism for returning back to equilibrium.

Cali Kulture 3-Day Training

with Jermaine Straker & Lucy Joslin

24th – 26th May


A 3-day training for anyone who wishes to teach, or gain a better understanding of Calisthenics. Immerse yourself in a weekend learning the fundamentals of the sport from the key beginner movements and how to teach them, to building strength and developing the best technique.

Daoist Flow Teacher Training

with Jean Hall & James Rafael

May 2024 – January 2025


An eight-month teacher training held in-person and online with Jean Hall, James Rafael and guest teachers.


Daoist Flow is a unique movement practice that fuses the ancient Eastern traditions of yoga and qigong, with the contemporary embodied practice of somatics. We draw from the philosophies of yoga, Daoism and Buddhism to create a unique approach to movement and spirituality.


There will be a live online Q&A on April 10th to answer any of your questions.

Mission 200-Hour Yoga and Movement Training

with Mission Teachers

August 2024 – March 2025


A seven-month 200-hour yoga and movement training offering an immersive experience for anyone who wants to engage with the traditional practices of yoga and the modern disciplines of movement in an entirely new way.


Mission’s 200-hour training takes a very different approach. We offer what amounts to a baccalaureate degree where students research and practise a wide variety of subjects and disciplines that are taught by multiple teachers, each a leading expert in their field — Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, 4-Beat, Somatics, Hand Balancing and Anatomy/Physiology and Indian Philosophy.

4-Beat 🧊 50hr Teacher Training

with Marcus Veda, Emily Mergaert, Nino Russo, Zo Rahm & Ruki Roy

27th – 31st August
£795 (£755 Early Bird until May 31st)


This is a 50hr immersion into 4-Beat: the dynamic vinyasa flow born out of the Rocket Yoga system in which the core of the practice is the alignment of the breath to the slow, regular beat of the music. On this course we look into the philosophy and methodology of teaching and practising to the beat. We will delve further into traditional pranayama breathing practices and the neuroscience of where breath, music and yoga intersect.


Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training

with Vicky Fox

19th – 22nd September


This 40-hour training will give you the tools to create a safe and healing environment to teach yoga and relaxation to anyone diagnosed with cancer or any long term health conditions. It is open to qualified or accredited teachers of yoga or therapists with a committed yoga practice.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Jo Phee

10th – 16th October
US$1500 (US$1400 Early Bird until August 31st)


A seven-day training with Jo Phee, founder of Yinspiration, a learning institute that sets the gold standards in Yin Yoga education. You’ll learn how to blend Yin Yoga with Acupressure in this course that is open to teachers and students alike.

Jo’s trainings sell out quickly in every city, so book before spots get snapped up.





RocketBeats Bass-Line Teacher Training

with Imi Wiseman & Alan Ellman

24th – 28th October


This is RocketBeats’ introductory level Teacher Training (aka the RocketBeats Bass-Line Training) which will take you through the foundations of the RocketBeats practice and teaching methodology.


Working in all directions of movement – Up, Down, Forwards, Backwards – and looking at the key anatomical movements required for each – this training focuses on sequencing skills and how to build fun, anatomically sound drills, salutations, vignettes and sequences.


After 5 days, you’ll have everything you need to move away from set sequences and teach your own RocketBeats classes, whether you’re teaching absolute beginners or experienced movers.

Yoga For BackCare TT

with Anji Gopal

7th, 8th, 18th & 19th November
£545 (£499 early bird price until 31st July)


This 4-day training will take place online on 7th & 8th and will be in-person on 18th & 19th.


This training provides you with knowledge of anatomy, conditions, red flags relating to LBP, contraindications and postures to avoid, as well as modifications and more. It will increase understanding of reasons for LBP and provide ready-made routines to teach to improve the health of the low back.

Pregnancy Yoga Immersion

with Lolly Stirk

Dates TBC


A two-day educational immersion for birth workers looking to expand their physiological and experiential knowledge of pregnancy and birth.


Lolly Stirk will provide this knowledge and how to communicate it through the power of specialised yoga, breath awareness and pregnancy/childbirth physiology which she has developed and studied for over four decades.