Handstand Training Level 1
8th – 12th September
£999 (early bird £949)


A six-day training with Sammy Dinneen


In this course, you will learn all the basics to teach a kick to handstand to individuals of any level or ability. You will gain the ability to identify what is hindering each person, whether it’s fear, flexibility, strength, etc., and how to address these issues effectively.


This training is open to movement teachers as well as handstand enthusiasts. In order to provide maximum attention, this training is restricted to a small group.

Course Content

Sammy is committed to passing on all his years of research and knowledge, to empower individuals to become outstanding handstand teachers equipped with the knowledge and skills to inspire and guide others towards mastery in this art.


It is not simply learning drills, but about learning the purpose of the drill and how to relay that to your students, then how to adapt it to make it more relevant to their needs.


You will learn much more than how to teach someone to kick to a handstand; you will gain a comprehensive understanding of handstands, alignment, technique, balance and drills.


You will learn:

  • How to assess a person’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine the best exercises for them.
  • The technique and anatomy involved in practising and teaching a handstand.
  • How to effectively use demonstration when teaching handstands.
  • How to spot someone and make them feel safe and confident in order to progress them faster.
  • How to break down skills with progressions and modifications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teach – How to teach a kick to handstand to anyone of any ability. How to break it down into smaller movements and teach different progressions.
  • Assess – How to assess someone. You will learn what is stopping someone from kicking to and holding a handstand. Is it fear, is it flexibility, strength, or understanding? From that assessment you will learn the key progressions that individual should work on.
  • Balance – You will learn the difference between underbalance and overbalance and how to correct these from all sections of the body, and then how to facilitate balance to your students.
  • Spot – You will learn how to spot your student, and make them feel safe and confident so that they can progress faster.
  • Understand – You’ll learn about the anatomy of the shoulders and what to do if someone is hypermobile or if they aren’t flexible enough.  You’ll learn what do do if the elbows hyperextend, or if a person have cubitus valgus (where the forearm is angled away from the body.) Understanding the anatomy of each student will help you align them in a handstand.
  • Fall – You will know how to teach, spot and help mentally, with falling out of a handstand.

Your Teacher

Sammy Dinneen

Sammy is one of Mission’s premier handstand teachers, teaching sold-out classes and courses. He is a professional handstand artist, and international circus performer who has helped thousands get comfortable going upside down no matter their age, ability, or background. He has trained circus performers and athletes, but specialises in helping total beginners release the fear of going upside down. 



Eligibility & Schedule

This training is open to anyone with an interest in handstands, whether they want to teach them or practise them. You do not need a 200-hour teacher training certificate under your belt to take Sammy’s Level 1 training.



Sunday 8th

12 – 8pm

Monday 9th – Thursday 12th

9.30am – 5.30pm


Applications to this exclusive training are being taken now, and will be assessed at on a first come, first served basis. Please apply here.