Respect yoga’s roots and make space for innovation


The rich traditions of yoga are thousands of years old, and sit at the core of our being. We offer classes, workshops and trainings to improve your flexibility and your strength, your mental and spiritual well-being. This is authentic yoga presented in a modern way. We offer a range of yoga styles at all times of the day from Ashtanga Self Practice early in the morning to Yin the evening. You’ll always find an invigorating Rocket class on our schedule as well as a slow flow Vinyasa class, a precision-led Iyengar Yoga class, and an anxiety-releasing Hot Yoga class.  Pranayama (breathing) and meditation are embedded within every class on the schedule. We don’t just teach the physical practices of yoga, but the philosophical ones too in pursuit of self-realisation.



A great place for beginners to start their practice. These classes are also for the skilful student who understands advanced postures cannot happen without a rock solid understanding of the simple ones. In every Foundation class, students will learn the fundamentals of breathing better, moving better and feeling better.


All Levels

A party mix of people. Every student is welcome in these classes — the beginner, the intermediate practitioner and the advanced student. Our teachers give lots of options, empowering every student to make the right choices for their body and mind on any given day.



Life is not for the faint of heart. And neither are these classes. A certain level of knowledge and ability is expected in these classes as students will be taught advanced practices be they breathing ones, moving ones or still ones.


Mission-accredited trainings are the gold standard when it comes to yoga and movement. Perhaps you want to learn more for your own personal benefit. Or, you are thinking of becoming a teacher. Maybe you’re a teacher already and are ready to start layering on additional knowledge. At Mission, we know the learning never stops and so offer trainings with the world’s best, offering trainings in Vinyasa, Restorative, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga for Cancer, Rocket, Inversions, Yin and more.


A Mission workshop taught by Mission teachers gives students a chance to unpack a particular skill, technique or posture, and linger a bit longer than you would in a regular class. A workshop is a chance to explore and to ask questions. They are generally taught on a Friday night or at the weekend, giving students more time to sink in, reflect and learn.