Aram Raffy


Aram teaches a strong, energetic and uplifting style of Vinyasa Krama based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya. Aram seeks to pass on the spiritual essence of yoga through a powerful, fast-paced physical practice with conscious connection to the breath – all as a means to meditation.

The practice is challenging yet all-inclusive. Generous in nature, Aram seeks to encourage students to harness their deeper potential and to develop a practical toolkit to apply classical teachings to our lives today.


A strong, energetic vinyasa practice, both physically and spiritually uplifting, moving consciously from one posture to the next, linked via the breath to raise your consciousness and allow you to access deep meditative states.

Classes are infused with music, hands-on adjustments and an unmistakable sense of humour.


This class is for those who are up for a challenge as well as the experienced.


  • YA registered Senior Yoga teacher
  • 200 hour TT, Doug Swenson (2011)