Emily Mergaert

4-Beat Vinyasa, Yin + Inversions

4-Beat Vinyasa

Emily teaches an energising, dynamic vinyasa sequence originating from Rocket Yoga and the late Larry Schultz, using the 4-beat methodology of syncing breath to beat with an immersive soundtrack. The 4-beat vinyasa practice as developed by Marcus Veda involves breathing to a metronomic beat throughout the practice to maintain the victorious breath and the meditation.


Emily mixes chosen tracks that reflect her style and interpretation of the 4 beat movement. The classes are dynamic, uplifting and always changing according to the audience and theme of the class. You’ll see a lot of postures you may recognise from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, with a consistent sprinkling of inversions to keep the creativity going throughout.


Expect sun salutations, a variety of standing postures and seated including your favourite backbends, forward fold, hip openers and arm balances. 


Poses come and go, breath and beat are here to stay. The 4 beat movement has begun.


All levels welcome from the curious yogis to the seasoned 4 beat movers. 


A balancing and complimentary practise to the more dynamic styles such as 4beat, Rocket and Inversions, Emily’s Yin yoga will offer something to all practitioners with a focus on ‘stillness’ and a meditative experience.


This class focuses on long held postures, targeting different physical areas of the body, connective tissue, as well as targeting meridian channels in the body while observing a deeper layer of the mind. This practise connects us to the feeling and awareness of Chi, and allows us to go deeper into introspection and self study.


Emily curates unique and ambient playlists, which are vital to deepen your yin journey as it is the atmosphere to reveal experience.


Arrive, tune in and drop out.


All levels welcome

MergRat Inversions

Every wondered what it’s like journeying through the Upside Down?


These days when entering a yoga room in London, there are more times than not a group of super human yogis rocking a handstand for minutes. No joke, minutes.


This upbeat invigorating class developed by Nicki Ratcliffe and Emily Mergaert – two yogis who spend too much time on their hands – is all about the thirst/hunger for inversions in the yoga game.


Carefully curated drills inspired from different disciplines; from gymnastics to circus, and back to yoga are broken down in this class, to give the practitioner the knowledge and courage to fly with confidence.


There are different level classes to cater to individual aspirations. From baby crow and headstand to the quest for the press we got you covered. Open the gate to the Upside Down.


  • 200 HR Ashtanga Vinyasa/Rocket TT – The Yoga People 
  • 100 HR Yin Yoga – Jamie Clarke 
  • 100 HR Mandala Vinysa Yoga – The Yoga People 
  • 100 HR Rocket TT Level 1 + 2 – David Kyle 
  • 50 HR Rocket – David Kyle 
  • 50 HR Advanced with Ambra Vallo 
  • Teacher on TT For Goodlife Yoga School Inversion Training with Nicki Ratcliffe
  • Teacher of YIN TT for Whole self Yoga with Julie Montagu