Amme Poulton

Rocket + Relax

Rocket & Relax Yoga


Amme teaches a Rocket Yoga class that is advanced, but for beginners! Based on the primary, intermediate and third series of the Ashtanga system, the emphasis is on moving with the breath through sun salutations, standing poses, and then to the floor. Throughout the practice, we play with inversions and arm balances.


The class varies each week and often revolves around a philosophical/spiritual/educational theme with stillness at the end. Guaranteed to leave you gooey.


Beginners and advanced students practise together, as rocket is designed to make the advanced poses more accessible.


Music is used in this class.

Suitable for all levels with no major injuries/physical limitations.

Hot Rocket


Learn the basics of Rocket Yoga while getting super sweaty! Rocket Yoga is an energetic style of yoga based on the Ashtanga Yoga method. Designed to “get you there faster” (wherever “there” is for you,) this system will build strength and stamina.


Suitable for all.


  • Studied directly with Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga for 10+ years; teaching rocket yoga since 2001
  • First teacher to offer rocket yoga classes in London.
  • She also complete Ana Forest’s advanced TT and 400 hrs of Hatha training.
  • Almost three decades of practicing, studying and teaching yoga asana to bodies of all varieties.