Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Integrated Kundalini

Integrated Kundalini is a yoga approach and practice rooted in the discovery of our true essence.


A class is based on Kriyas; sequences that include postures, breath techniques, meditations and mantra.  


The choreography of a kriya drives the intensity of the class, with the energy often building to a crescendo, a peak from which the practitioner may experience deepened states of awareness, peace & vitality.


Integrated Kundalini draws upon diverse spiritual traditions, with its anchor being the kundalini itself – a life force, housed at the base of the spine; with dedicated practice and grace this energy may be accessed to enhance all aspects of our life.


Integrated Kundalini classes are open level classes that welcome all.


  • Co-founder – Integrated Kundalini Yoga Training
  • Founder – Source Awakened Healing 
  • Sivaya Subramuniyaswami – Himalyanaacademy –
  • Self Study1998 – 2003, Buddhist Practice 2004 – 2009
  • Kundalini Yoga Level I (2007-8) – 200 Hours
  • Kundalini Yoga Level II (2008 -11)  – 500 Hours 
  • 22 Day Intensive Winter Retreat (2013) with ANS International School – Satyavrati Yogi 
  • Yoga Therapy Training  2011 – 2012 
  • Multiple Energy Healing Trainings 2006 – 2018
  • Reiki,  Seichem, Metatronic Healing, Ascended Master & Angelic Healing, Deeksha
  • Death Doula Foundation Training – May 2021 (with Living Well Dying Well)