Kelly Cho


Kelly started Calisthenics as a total beginner and now she is a competing athlete.  She can deeply relate to the struggles and triumphs individuals might face at different stages of their Calisthenics training. She trained strictly under the Cali Kulture method that focuses on authentic Calisthenics teaching as created by Jermaine Straker. Kelly continues the legacy by passing on the same method of understanding and learning calisthenics in her teaching.

Kelly’s coaching focuses on good form, and works to bed in fundamental Calisthenics movements like the pull up, dip, push up. She brings a lively and light-hearted approach to training, and believes in hard work but is careful never to take anything too seriously. You can expect the same energy in her classes, where her outgoing nature means she can be tough but also fun. She is an advocate of physically training the body while at the same time focusing on the mindset. Both aspects, she believes, must be worked on together.  She will guide you to look inward and understand yourself more in the process of learning Calisthenics and in turn see how you can better enhance your performance.

For complete beginners to those with previous knowledge of calisthenics.


  • L2 Gym Instructor
  • L3 Personal Training