Imi Wiseman

RocketBeats + Yin


This is a dynamic, challenging (and fun) breath-based practice developed by Alan Ellman and Imi Wiseman. It has its roots in the original Rocket system developed by Larry Shultz but is modified to include other styles of yoga and movement modalities that have influenced the way Imi and Alan practice and teach. 


Moving away from rigid set sequences, the practice will challenge you to move in various directions into a space which is bold, exciting and different every time. 


Each class will focus on a particular direction of movement: you’ll go up, down, forwards and backwards in many different ways and always with breath; do them all and you’ll have a depth of experience of how and why you move, finding your own balance between what you need and what you want. 


As with any Ashtanga-based practice, there will be a loose structure of breathing, sun salutations, standing poses and beyond, with the option of inversions and arm balances peppered throughout.


Music is an enormous part of Imi’s life, so can expect a soundtrack just as strong as the sequencing.

This is a challenging class whatever level of experience you are. It is open to anyone (except beginners) who are willing to try, fall, laugh and do it again. 


This is a class where you have the opportunity to find both physical and mental space.


The physical practice consists of a series of interconnected poses, with the optional use of props, which are held for between 2 and 5 minutes. Each pose, sequentially, allows the body to ground, release tension and open.


Though this practice might seem centred on the release of the muscles and connective tissues, its benefits go way beyond the physical form. Mental focus on the physical practice lets the mind move away from its usual distractions, allowing the mind itself to ground, release tension and open.


Although music will be played during this class, it is a quiet practice. Cues will be given for safe entry and exit into the poses, and variations and modifications will be offered, but there will also be quiet time for reflection.


Suitable for all levels


  • 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sampoorna Yoga, Agonda, Goa (2013)
  • 300hr Rocket, Amme Poulton, London (2016)
  • 300hr Rocket, David Kyle, various locations, (2017 – 2021)
  • 300hr Vinyasa, Jason Crandell, San Fran/London (2017/18)
  • 80hr Mark Kan Yoga, Mark Kan, Milan (2019)
  • 60hr Yin and the meridians, Jo Phee (2018)
  • 30hr Yin and the elements, Jamie Clark (2019)
  • 30hr Yin, Norman Blair, (2020)
  • 30hr Restorative, Anna Ashby (2016)