Laura McVicker

Rocket + Vinyasa

Laura teaches a strong, fun class that leaves you ready to face the next challenge in your day.

Her sequences are often Rocket-based, but also take inspiration from other styles of yoga.  There will be enough sequence familiarity to get you into the zone, but with a creative element – a new transition or new pose, or an interesting prop use.

Movement is with the breath throughout the class. Laura offers clear guidance, and lots of options depending on whether you want to up or down-level. You might spend some time on your hands, your head and your forearms IF that’s where you want to be. The class creates an opportunity for you to explore and develop your own capabilities.

No vinyasa spaghetti arms or dramatic finger flicks – think strong, focused movement.


There are always tunes.


Suitable for all levels who are up for a challenge. Nothing is mandatory, but it can be fun to try…


  • 200hr Vinyasa TT, Stretch and Frog Lotus Yoga (2014)
  • 300hr Vinyasa TT, Noah Maze (2017/18)
  • 100hr Rocket TT, David Kyle (2018)