Lucy Joslin

Calisthenics + Iyengar Yoga


Trained in the Cali Kulture method by Jermaine Straker and drawing on her 25 years of teaching experience in various movement practices, Lucy brings a unique perspective to her classes.

Motivated by the high that she felt herself when achieving new skills like pull up, handstand, splits or pancake (all achieved in her forties post children,) she easily empathises with her students whatever their level, whatever skill they are chasing, and at whatever point on their journey they may be.  Driven by her core belief that movement should be inclusive, and passionate about helping students move past their own boundaries, self-imposed or otherwise, she specialises in creating modifications and work arounds for students who maybe stuck or injured.
Her classes have a supportive, playful atmosphere where students not only learn from her but also from each other. Form focused and strong on technique, she combines detailed instructions and hands-on adjustments with drills that will make your eyes water! Expect to work hard and to challenge yourself but in a safe, achievable, satisfying way.

For complete beginners to those with previous knowledge of calisthenics.

Iyengar Yoga

Lucy loves helping students new to Iyengar yoga decipher the mystery of poses, props and alignment enabling them to discover the true beauty of this distinguished practice. Designed for beginners, classes will be slower paced but still challenging, poses will be broken down into their key elements and use of props for alignment explained.


Lucy’s yoga classes are ‘work’ in every sense, the classes are demanding but in a very achievable way.


Perfect for beginners and those familiar with Iyengar yoga.


  • RSA Level 3 Fitness Trainer – DCB Fitness
  • Iyengar yoga – Level 2/Introductory