Sammy Dinneen



Have you always wanted to nail your handstand during a yoga class but haven’t had time to work on it? Well, now is the time.


This class is dedicated to helping you understand what is the right technique for you. You will learn how to control your body while upside down. How to create and manage balance so that you can enjoy and feel free on your hands. To rule your mind and your body when uncomfortable by gaining strength, flexibility, balance and technique.


We will work on all shapes, straight, tuck, straddle and pike. Plus everyones dream the press to handstand and a Mexican.


This class is suitable for all levels.

Falling Out of Handstands

Are you scared of falling out of a handstand during your yoga practice? Maybe you are worried about falling on to someone else, or you aren’t sure how to fall out of it safely. But if you don’t get comfortable falling out in the middle of a busy class, then you’re never going to push yourself to your highest potential. Fear will always drag you back.


This class will give you the confidence to fall out of any type of handstand, even in the middle of of a busy class. It’s time to start trusting yourself!


This class is suitable for all levels.


  • Circus Arts Degree
  • MWOD Trained
  • Precision Nutrition Trained