Terry Smith


In Terry’s mixed-level Pilates class, along with music, you will be guided through the original system developed by Joseph Pilates. The class follows a set routine, where you’ll get to explore your own body within movement and space, tuning in, discovering connections, and embracing the unexpected. Terry believes that Pilates is not just about physical change, but the way it encourages individual creativity, giving the tools to deal with the everyday unplanned and unexpected.


This is a full body workout offering unprecedented training. It’s extremely good for metabolism and muscle burning, tiring one muscle group and then quickly moving on to another, whilst challenging you in all kinds of shapes. This is an excellent workout to counter the effects of a desk bound lifestyle. It will bring balance and strength to runners, cyclists, and weight trainers. It is also great class to begin to come back from an injury.


The beauty of mat work is that it is transferable outside of the studio and with continual self-practice both in and out of class, you’ll develop and take ownership of your own workout. The more advanced the practice becomes, the more embodied it is.


Expect this class to be a fun, easy to grasp with a spicy challenge. You will feel invigorated and worked out all over – setting you up for the rest of your day.


Suitable for all levels.


  • Full Comprehensive Pi Pilates Training with Holly Murray (2016)