Alan Ellman

RocketBeats, Backbends + Hot Yoga


This is a dynamic, challenging (and fun) breath-based practice developed by Alan Ellman and Imi Wiseman. It has its roots in the original Rocket system developed by Larry Shultz but is modified to include other styles of yoga and movement modalities that have massively influenced the way Alan and Imi practise and teach. 


Moving away from rigid set sequences, the practice will challenge you to move in various directions into a space that is bold, exciting and different every time. 


Each class will focus on a particular direction of movement: you’ll go up, down, forwards and backwards in many different ways and always with breath. Do them all and you’ll have a depth of experience of how and why you move, and you’ll find your own balance between what you need and what you want. 


As with any Ashtanga-based practice, there will be a loose structure of breathing, sun salutations, standing poses and beyond, with the option of inversions and arm balances peppered throughout.


Music is an enormous part of Alan’s life too, so expect a soundtrack just as strong as the sequencing.

This is a challenging class whatever level of experience you have. It is open to anyone (except beginners) who are willing to try, fall, laugh and do it again.


Backbends are one of the least understood movements in yoga.


Like all other asanas, backbends should be a balance between strength and flexibility. We know what it looks like to bend over backwards but how is it supposed to feel and where specifically is the movement supposed to come from?


Every body has a different spine and so will need to approach the practice in a different way. In this class you will be asked to let go of any ego and work the aspects of the poses that might not come so naturally to you, so you can work into your safe maximum range with integrity throughout the whole body.


This dynamic class will begin with variations of sun salutations to build heat while targeting the areas of the body that require opening and strengthening in order to work towards deeper backbends.


Think beyond putting your foot on your head and instead think about what movements are required to get there safely.


Music is played in this class.


This is a challenging class whatever level of experience you are. It is open to anyone (except beginners) who are willing to try!

Hot Yoga

Sometimes dynamic yoga doesn’t give us the time to properly consider the form of asana.


This warm dynamic class gives us the opportunity to slow everything down. We will spend time in traditional and non-traditional poses considering various alignment techniques without following the rules of any particular yoga discipline.


You’ll come away with a better understanding of the options available so you will have the confidence to move in a way that works for you in any other form of dynamic yoga.


Music is played in this class.


This class is suitable for everyone who likes to practice in the heat!


  • 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sampoorna Yoga (2013)
  • 300 hours Vinyasa, Sampoorna Yoga (2016)
  • 50 hours Rocket, Amber Gean (2016)
  • 300 hours Rocket, David Kyle (2017 – 2019)
  • 50 hours Yin, Josh Summers (2018)
  • 50 hours Mark Kan Yoga, Mark Kan (2019)