Jonny Caguioa


Pilates matwork is a sequence of challenging exercises to improve posture, core strength and flexibility engaging mind, body focus and awareness.


Using the original exercises curated by Joseph Pilates as inspiration, Jonny will take you through a flow of movements and poses as well as incorporating the original and contemporary versions of exercises to realign, strengthen and stretch the postural muscles challenged by modern day life – as Joseph Pilates intended. An emphasis on the marriage of breath and movement with a constant flow of one exercise to the next is designed to challenge both mental and physical awareness and build strength and stamina of the ‘powerhouse’.


Each class is inspired by what each mover brings to the room and is never the same due to the needs and energies each body brings. Be prepared to be engaged for the full hour.


Suitable for all ability levels. All injuries or conditions will be given modifications.


  • Professional Dancers Diploma – The Royal Ballet School London
  • Personal Training level 3 – Ed Archer, Action Professionals (2016)
  • Alan Herdman Pilates teacher training certification (2016)
  • Garuda technique teacher training certification – James D’Silva (2018)