Sobhan Madadi

Calisthenics & Boxing


Sobhan has always found freedom in movement. As a child, his commitment to stay active drove him to take up a number of sports and discover different ways to use his body.


His teenage years saw him excel in boxing, a sport that relies on bodyweight strength,  agility and precision. Through boxing, he developed a fascination with the kinetic chain, and the way different parts of the body can be used together to perform complex movements. This progression led him naturally to Calisthenics.


Passionate about overcoming the tests posed by true bodyweight strength training, Sobhan now wants to help others challenge themselves and find joy in their exercise routines. He brings a precise and functional approach to his classes, while keeping a focused eye on the fundamentals of the sport. Ensuring his students build the technique and confidence to form a solid base, he aims to help them progress past their goals and become creative and intuitive movers in themselves.


His classes have a relaxed but meticulous atmosphere, where students will not only feel supported to express themselves freely and enjoy their own journey, but also to learn, evolve, and build long lasting relationships.


For complete beginners to those with previous + advanced experience of calisthenics.


A fast paced full body workout. This class is designed to guide you through the fundamental principles of boxing.


Expect rounds of footwork drills to improve agility, partner combinations to work on coordination and endurance exercises to challenge you both physically and mentally.


Master the basics of this ‘sweet science’ and enjoy a new way of releasing and reducing stress.


This class is suitable for all levels.



  • Level 2 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (pending)