Elle Daniel

Warm Vinyasa + Hot Yoga

Warm Vinyasa

Elle’s vinyasa classes are intelligently sequenced and peppered with philosophy, allowing you to stretch your mind as you stretch your body. Expect to be challenged and invited to express yourself.

Suitable for all levels.

Hot Yoga

Elle’s hot classes follow a steady, set, hatha-style sequence at 40 degree heat and about 40% humidity. The increased time spent in poses means more attention to alignment, resulting in greater strength, flexibility and self-awareness.


Suitable for all levels.


  • 240hrs Teach Yoga (Elena Voyce) 2016
  • 30hrs Mandala Yinyasa (Julie Montagu) 2018
  • 300hrs Advanced Vinyasa (Jason Crandell) 2019
  • 30hrs Prana Mandala (Shiva Rea) 2020
  • 60hrs Tapasya (Kristin Campbell) 2021
  • Currently completing a naturopathic health coaching diploma through CNM