Celest Pereira

Dynamic Vinyasa

If you love yoga but you’re either very stiff or too floppy, this class is for you. The drills are designed to help you find and develop your end range in a sustainable way that makes you mobile and strong. Discover brain hacks that work for your nervous system and then with your new found range, load in unique and creative ways that will leave you inspired.


Music is used in this class.

This class is suitable for strong beginners, those that love a challenge, all the way through to the seasoned professionals. 


  • Physiotherapy BSc (2009)
  • Co-Author of “Too Flexible to Feel Good”  (2021)
  • 500 Hour Dharma Mittra Yoga School TTC (2016)
  • 200 Hour Tripsichore (2014)
  • 200 Hour Yoga Vidya Gurukul Hatha Yoga School (2009)
  • 50 Hour Yoga Beats with David Sye (2010)
  • Qualified Personal Trainer (2006)
  • Studying functional Neurology with Z Health Performance Solutions