Celest Pereira

Vinyasa Yoga

If you love flow yoga, science and a challenging practice, then this class is for you. Celest weaves arm balances and inversions into complex flows that are broken down for anyone new to the practice. Think of it as a neuro-flow class that blends asana with  movement and adds in vision, vestibular and brain drills. As a result, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your practice.


Music is used in this class.

This class is suitable for strong beginners, those that love a challenge, all the way through to the seasoned professionals. 


  • Physiotherapy BSc (2009)
  • Co-Author of “Too Flexible to Feel Good”  (2021)
  • 500 Hour Dharma Mittra Yoga School TTC (2016)
  • 200h Tripsichore (2014)
  • 200 Hour Yoga Vidya Gurukul Hatha Yoga School (2009)
  • 50 Hour Yoga Beats with David Sye (2010)
  • Qualified Personal Trainer (2006)
  • Studying functional Neurology with Z Health Performance Solutions