Christian Coelho

Vinyasa, Forrest-Inspired Slow Flow + Breathwork


Christian teaches a unique Vinyasa practice, blending yoga’s ancient wisdom with modern approaches.


Elements from different styles of yoga are fused together to create a transformative experience that is challenging, healing, and fun. You can expect to set an intention, move through a strong and intelligently sequenced practice, contemplate on spiritual teachings, and integrate it all in stillness.


Throughout Christian’s class, there are moments when the pace is more dynamic, and others where you’ll be holding specific postures for longer. If you like to go upside down, there will be options to do so, but these are totally optional. More importantly, the intention is to gradually move you to a place of deep connection to yourself.


Music is often used in Christian’s classes.


All levels welcome.

Forrest-Inspired Slow Flow

In this practice, Christian will slowly lead you to move intelligently with your body and breath. This doesn’t mean it is “easier,” but it does give you more time to adapt, modify for specific injuries, and go deeper within.


In a slightly heated room, Christian will guide you through breathing practices, intention setting, core work, long-held postures, ceremony, and attention to feeling. It is a practice that promotes powerful insights and provides deeper integration with yourself.


Music is often used in this class.


All levels welcome.


Join Christian to uncover the potential the breath has in positively impacting many areas of our lives. You’ll be guided through simple and accessible tools which will naturally guide you to a space of meditation and deeper connection to yourself.


All levels welcome.


  • Co-founder of High Yoga School – London.
  • Business Owner Casa 111 Yoga Studio – Rio de Janeiro.
  • Master’s Degree – Traditions of Yoga & Meditation at SOAS University of London.
  • Hatha Yoga Foundation Training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India.
  • Forrest Yoga Foundation and Advanced Trainings with Ana Forrest.
  • Mentorship, Bodywork and Ceremony trainings with Jambo Truong.
  • Rocket Yoga Trainings with David Kyle.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training with Jamie Clark and Dulce Aguilar.
  • Yin Yoga with Norman Blair.
  • Native American Ceremony Trainings with Carlos Sauer.