RocketBeats ‘Party Conference’
28 March – 1 April 2024
A 5-day Teacher Training

This is RocketBeats’  five-day second level Teacher Training (aka The RocketBeats Party Conference), which layers anatomical depth and refined teaching skills onto their first level training.

What is RocketBeats?

Developed by Alan Ellman and Imi Wiseman, RocketBeats is a dynamic yoga style originating in London, with a growing community of teachers and practitioners throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.


RocketBeats challenges traditional approaches to physical and non-physical yoga. With its roots in Rocket, the style has evolved to incorporate a number of other styles of yoga and movement, and promotes dynamic sequences which build strength and flexibility in equal measure. Similarly, the style challenges some of the philosophical dogma of ancient yoga, moving towards a modern philosophy encouraging self-reflection and self-agency.


From pranayama to techno, RocketBeats encourages you to find your own ways to be still, helping you develop a well-rounded personal practice and giving you the tools to help others do the same. If you’ve ever been to an RB class, you’ll probably know that instead of set sequences, classes are built around 4 different directions of travel, levelling up or down according to a wide range of students and levels. The sequences constantly change but the directions don’t…


UP – everything shoulders and upper body – arm balances, handstands, binds and more
DOWN – everything hips and lower body – standing balances, hips openers and more
FORWARDS – everything forward folding – hip compression, core engagement, pressing and more
BACKWARDS – everything front body opening – core engagement, backbends and more

Course Content

  • Anatomy
    Deep dive into the anatomy of the four directions, looking at the key muscle groups involved in moving Up, Down, Forwards and Backwards and how to build strength at different ranges of motion
  • Drills, vignettes and sequences
    Build on your killer drills and vignettes so that your classes include the balance of strength and flexibility to sustain and evolve your students’ practice
  • Alignment
    Adapt meaningful alignment for all kinds of practitioner based on their level and needs and work out how to incorporate alignment cues effectively into a fast paced class
  • Cueing
    Refine your verbal cueing skills – practise the art of direct, concise and considered verbal cues while retaining the nuances of poses and transitions
  • Adjustments
    Understand how alignment and verbal cueing can be reflected in your physical adjustments and practise different assists for a wide variety of poses and people
  • Philosophy
    Reflect on your personal yoga philosophy and how to incorporate this into your classes in an open and authentic way

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what muscle groups are working and when
  • Get confident at verbal cueing
  • Give the right adjustment to the right person at the right time
  • Drop in your own philosophy
  • Have more fun teaching


A typical day

  • 2 hours – Asana practice Up, Down, Forwards, Backwards, AND an RB BBQ incorporating all directions of travel
  • 2 hours – Advanced anatomy, alignment, drills, vignettes, sequences
  • 1 hour – Verbal cueing
  • 1½ hours – Physical adjustments
  • 1 hour – Pranayama and philosophy


Thursday 28th: 8am – 6pm

Friday 29th: 8am – 6.30pm

Saturday 30th: 12.00 – 6.30pm

Sunday 31st: 8am – 6.30pm

Monday 1st: – 6.30pm

Teaching Team

Imi Wiseman & Alan Ellman

Imi and Alan are a teaching team originating from the Rocket tradition who have incorporated many movement modalities to create their own style of modern dynamic yoga. They are committed to challenging dogma, disrupting the norm and encouraging yoga teachers to think for themselves. They’ve been on the London teaching scene for years and their RocketBeats classes are a favourite on the Mission schedule.

Eligibility + Pre-Requisites

This training is open to anyone who has already completed either of the RocketBeats 2023 TTs.


If you’re not a RocketBeats teacher yet, you can join our next Bass-Line training at Mission on 24-28 October 2024


Numbers are capped.


Photography by Gemma Bringloe