Disrupting the (menstrual) flow

By Daye


Ever heard the long-held belief that you shouldn’t practise inversions when you’re on your period? It used to be said that going upside down would stop or reverse flow, and that women and AFAB (assigned female at birth) individuals shouldn’t do it. But is that really true? We’ve asked the experts at Daye — a gynaecological health company with a mission to put vaginal health centre stage — to weigh in on this subject during their last event at Mission.


Here’s what Daye had to say…


“At Daye, we believe in equipping people with accurate information, and dispelling outdated menstruation myths. The notion that yoga practitioners should avoid inversions during their period is one such myth without scientific basis. We understand the importance of embracing modern perspectives and breaking free from age-old taboos.


Menstruation is a natural and integral part of a person’s life, and we believe in approaching it with modern, evidence-based perspectives.


The idea that inversions are off-limits during periods is part of a larger narrative surrounding what women and AFAB individuals can and can’t do during our periods. It’s crucial to separate fact from fiction, and encourage people to make choices that align with their individual preferences and comfort levels.


We encourage individuals to respect their bodies and energy levels during each menstrual cycle. Daye recognises that some periods may be more exhausting than others, and when practising inversions, do so safely and mindfully. Additionally, using menstrual care products with suitable absorbency tailored to your body and flow can help ensure a mess-free experience.”


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