The importance of community: Mission’s values

Studio, shala, dojo, second home – whatever you call Mission, it’s the place where students and teachers from across London gather to strengthen their disciplines and learn from others. 


We’re a community where values of mindfulness, respect and growth are not limited to during class, but run deep throughout the space. 


It’s important to keep our studio in harmony for those who visit. Here are our house rules to maintain the balance: 

  • Please take off your shoes when you arrive and store them in the cubby holes at reception. It’s a lovely ritual to observe
  • Try to arrive early to class. We understand tubes get delayed and air traffic control systems shut down, but please make your best efforts to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class
  • Be mindful that not everyone wants to be on social media. We ask that you consider the privacy of other students who don’t want their practice filmed/photographed for the glory of the gram and do not film in class
  • Please dress appropriately and practise personal hygiene for class
  • Make it part of your practice to tidy and clean your props at the end of class, leave the studio how you would like to find it
  • Tell your teacher if you are injured or pregnant. Mission teachers are experienced working with individual bodies, and can help you modify movements so that you can practise/train comfortably and safely
  • Mission teachers sometimes give adjustments with their hands – a gentle assist in downward dog or a spot coming up into handstand. If you do not wish to receive adjustments, please let them know at the start of class
  • Please speak softly when walking the corridors/stairs as there may be a class going on where students are meditating or in savasana 
  • Please remember to shower before using the sauna; wear a swimsuit and bring a towel 
  • We encourage mat ownership and love that so many of you keep your mats at Mission! Please make sure you roll it up and slide it neatly into a cubby hole or on top of the lockers. Do not use or relocate someone else’s mat!
  • Mission is your home. Please treat it as such – put rubbish in bins, don’t waste shampoo or conditioner, wipe away your sweat on surfaces. Please let us know if you see something broken – our team constantly monitors the building, but you may see something before we do!


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